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Wat Rakhangkhositaram, Bangkok

       Wat Rakhangkhositaram is a Buddhist temple in Rakhangkhositaram, Thailand. One of the oldest and famous temples in Bangkok. Many people are familiar with this temple because of its well-known and popular amulet. Thai people believe that if they have the opportunity to make merit at Wat Rakhang, it will make their life popular and famous throughout the year, much like the temple’s name, which refers to the huge bell. This beautiful temple is steeped in history. It is a convenient mode of transportation that is popular with both Thai and foreign tourists. If you ever have the opportunity to visit Thailand, don’t miss out on visiting and making merit at Wat Rakhangkhositaram.

Wat Rakhangkhositaram

Wat Rakhangkhositaram history

      Wat Rakhang is a second-class royal monastery and the temple has an old Tripitaka hall, which inside, there’re beautiful and precious Thai paintings, It is on Arun Amarin Road in Bangkok, near Siriraj Hospital, Wang Lang Market, and Ban Khamin Junction. The former name is the “Wat Bangwayai” building in the Ayutthaya period. King Taksin of Thonburi Kingdom required restoring the temple and was appointed to a royal temple. when King Rama I reign, While restored the temple, the old bell was found around the temple then King Rama I ordered moving the bell to Wat Phra Kaeo after that the king offered five bells to the temple and gave the new name “Wat Rakhang”. In the reign of King Rama IV, The temple has changed the name to “ Wat Rajkanthiyaram” but people still remembered the old name and call Wat Rakhang until now.

What is most interesting in the temple?

Wat Rakhangkhositaram

Desirable smiling buddha

       The buddha statue was built from Bronze and has an aspect in The attitude of meditation, The toward of the buddha has three monks prostrating and listening to Buddha’s sermon. The buddha was adored that Beautiful and invaluable. Once When King Rama V visited the temple, he said “Not any temple like this one, when stepped in the door of Buddhist temple, the buddha has a desirable smiling to the guest”. King Rama V offered the name  “Desirable smiling buddha” at the moment. Would you like to see How the buddha smile? come to visit the temple.


Wat Rakhangkhositaram

How to behave when you visit Wat Rakhangkhositaram

       The regulation of Wat Rakhang is no different from other temples in Thailand, the prohibited dress is Short pants, short skirts, tight shirts, thin clothes, tank top, flip-flops, sleeveless shirt, and do not take the shirt outside of the pants. The cost of the Ticket is 20 baths per one, If you would like to visit the temple purchasing a ticket in front of the temple that the only way, The temple opens daily 08.00 AM – 5.00 PM.

For more information please contact 024182729, 024112255 

website: http://www.watrakang.com/ , https://www.facebook.com/watrakhang.official

Location: https://goo.gl/maps/u7PWUUDY3YF4LCni6


Wat Rakhangkhositaram

How to travel to Wat Rakhangkhositaram

Travel with the BTS sky train system and Chao Phraya Express Boat

             This is the best way to travel, the BTS sky train system can avoid the traffic jam in Bangkok and save your time. When you arrive at any BTS station that the station you would get off is “siam” and then walk to another side to wait for The Sukhumvit line after that get of at “Saphan Taksin (S6)” and walk to exit number 2, you can find Sathorn Pier of Chao Phraya Express Boat under the Bts station.

              Purchasing the ticket of an orange-flag boat, It has a cost 15 bath per one and then gets off Tha Chang Pier (N9), Walk from the pier and there have a ferries travel across the river, the fee is 4 bath per one, the ferries have round 10 – 15 minute. When you crossed the river,  the temple is near. You can check the cost of the train and boat through the link of the website below.

The starting point: BTS any Station

https://www.bts.co.th/eng/routemap.html, http://www.chaophrayaexpressboat.com/en/services/

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