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Train Night Market Ratchada

       Train Night Market Ratchada, Many people are taken aback by the sight of the outdoor market. It has a great combination of the goods being sold and the market atmosphere. Products sold include fashionable clothing and various ornaments in the latest fashion. There is also vintage fashion and some unique products that make you want to walk around and look at them. In addition, there are numerous restaurants in the market. There’s also a modern open-air pub playing hip-hop music. You’ll be able to see a beautiful scene that looks like it’s from a carnival while you’re here. Train Night Market Ratchada is a very well-known and popular market for people in the city.

Train Night Market Ratchada

Train Night Market Ratchada story

       The Train Night Market of Srinakarin is located behind Esplanade Cineplex Ratchadapisek. It’s one of the most famous night markets that gravitate to people who love antiques. The atmosphere is similar to the Chatuchak train market, which gives a visitor back to the old days. It is home to furniture, collectibles, classic home decoration items, vintage cars, classic car parts, vintage bicycles, vintage clothing, souvenirs, unique dolls. And various brands from all over the country. Train Night Market Ratchada is open daily from 5:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m. It’s always crowded on Saturday than any other day. Because visitors can stroll, shopping, and wake up late on Sunday.

Train Night Market Ratchada

       The interior is divided into several interesting zones, such as the Warehouse Zone, the kingdom of antiques, collectibles, home decoration items, vintage furniture, and many premium vintage products. “Classic Car Zone” a lovely parking lot that comes with cool fashion, convenience to sit back and enjoy the vintage atmosphere. “Shop zone” where the vendors have a wide variety of products to choose from. Shop with dazzling clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, second-hand products, collectibles, home decorations, etc. “Food zone” visitors will enjoy a ton of food and taste until the stomach cannot spread.


Train Night Market Ratchada

How to travel to Train Night Market Ratchada

       The best way to get to Train Night Market Ratchada is to take the MRT to Cultural Center Station (BL19) and exit at Gate 3, where you will find the Esplanade department store. Then proceed to the back of the Esplanade, as the railway market area is located on the back side of it.

The market Open : Monday – Sunday 5pm-1am. Tel : 092-713-5599, 092-713-5577, 092-685-7979

For more information: https://metro.bemplc.co.th/MRT-System-Map?lang=en,


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