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Korat cat, Thai cat

       The Korat cat, sometimes known as the Males cat, was born in the Phimai District of Nakhon Ratchasima Province, which is also known as Korat. The “Thai long book made of pulp (Koi book)” published around 1350-1767 or B.E.1893-2310 contains record evidence of the Korat cat. In Thailand, the record cites 17 good luck cats, including Korat cats. This historic archive is currently housed at Bangkok’s National Library.

Korat Cat, Thai Cat, Thailand

Korat Cat's origins and breeding areas

       The Silver Blue cat, often known as the Korat Cat in the West, originates in Nakhon Ratchasima Province’s Phimai District. This cat breed is also known as a Silver Blue cat, a Korat cat, a Males cat, or a grayish flower, but the name Korat cat is the most popular. Records regarding the Korat cat have been found in ancient archives dating from 1350-1767, or roughly B.E. 1893-2310. According to the archives, Thailand has 17 good luck cats, including Korat cats. This historic archive is currently housed at Bangkok’s National Library. The Korat cat was given its name by His Majesty King Buddhalertla Naphalai, who used the cat’s origin hometown as the name of the cat breed. There are several stories or legends about Korat cats in Thailand. The larger the prosperity, according to folk beliefs, will be the positive feature of the Korat cat, which has a kinked tail. Korat cats are also known as “Srisawat cats” in Thailand. The ancient people believed that the Korat cat was the lucky cat of the inhabitants and owners of Nakhon Ratchasima, and that the cat would bring them happiness and prosperity. In the 1960s, the Korat cat was a world champion in the United States. It’s a female cat named “Sanan” who is quite popular among visitors. As a result, the Thai cat is thought to have a good reputation in Thailand.

Korat Cat, Thai Cat, Thailand

Characteristics of the Korat Cat

– Hair color characteristics: from birth to death, short hair is silver blue all over the body.

– Head form: When viewed from the front, the head has a heart shape. The ears are erect and the forehead is big and flat. Male cats have serrated foreheads that give them a more pronounced heart shape, huge, upright ears with rounded tips, and large ears. Silver or light purple skin covers the nose and lips.

– Eye color: brilliant green with a gleaming sheen or amber. It had blue eyes when it was a kitten. It will progressively turn bright yellow as it matures. The buds turn green leaves or amber when fully matured.

– Tail characteristics: long, pointed, straight tail. The tail begins broad and gradually shrinks, tapering to the end of the tail, which has long and slender legs in proportion to the body.

Korat Cat, Thai Cat, Thailand

– Korat cats are distinct from other cat breeds such as Khao Manee and Siamese. The Korat cat’s color will not change throughout its life. Even if it is ancient, the owner can enter the Korat cat in any competition. It’s an intelligent, flattering, and non-aggressive cat. Korat cats are considered attractive cats. The Thai people believe that the Korat cat is a lucky cat, and that “whoever finds it hastened to pamper it will bring happiness and auspiciousness,” as the old saying says. The Korat cat was once thought to be a cat of good fortune, and Thais would carry it to religious ceremonies. For example, some ceremonies use a green-eyed cat to ask for rain, with the belief that the color of its feathers resembles the color of the gloomy clouds that are the source of the rain, and that the green eyes are like the greenery of rice seedlings in the field, and that the land will be fertilized.

Korat Cat, Thai Cat, Thailand

The Korat cat has a unique trait.

       – Short hair and blue-gray all over the body are distinguishing features. The header is shaped like a heart. Long tail, pointed straight, large, flat forehead, erect ears, brilliant green or yellow eyes, large, flat forehead, erect ears, bright green or yellow eyes, large, flat forehead, erect ears, bright green or yellow eyes, Male cats have a grey floral coloration. The cat should have smooth fur and the hair should be opaque gray at the base and silver at the tip, resembling dew droplets or a person with gray hair.


Korat Cat, Thai Cat, Thailand

The Korat cat travels the world.

       Cedar Glen Cattery in Oregon was the first to breed Korat cats in the United States, inheriting them from siblings “Nara and Darra” on June 12, 1959. In March 1966, a Maryland breeder of Korat and Siemens cats (Wichien Mat) won the honor for bringing the Korat cat to the yearly event. In 2009, there was a proposal for Korat cats to be designated as Thailand’s national animal. It’s weird nowadays because Thai people prefer foreign breeds of cats to genuine Thai cats. Because Thais dislike keeping Thai cats, there are currently just a few Thai cat owners for sale. There will be a Thai Cat Conservation Center in Amphawa if you offer names and acquaintances. Srisawat, Wichienmat, Konja, and Supalak, four rare conservation Thai cats, live at the facility.

Korat Cat, Thai Cat, Thailand

Facts to Consider of Korat Cat

       Korat cats are considered lucky creatures in Thailand, hence they are frequently utilized as mascots in the following ways: at the Southeast Asian Games twice, in 1985, when Bangkok hosted the event, and in 2007, when Nakhon Ratchasima hosted the event. Because the cat was born in the Phimai District of Nakhon Ratchasima Province, it was given the name “Can.”

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