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SaenSuk Sutthiwararam Temple, Chonburi, Thailand

SaenSuk Sutthiwararam Tample

SaenSuk Sutthiwararam Temple story

                History of SaenSuk  Sutthiwararam Tample is also known as Saen Suk. Sutthiwararam, also known as Wat Saen Suk, is a more than 30-year-old temple (2012). It was once known as the temple with monks before being renamed Wat Saen Suk. Wat Saen Suk has degraded with time because it has been open for a long period. There is no admission charge. Wat Saen Suk is a learning center that houses Buddhist beliefs, stucco sculptures, Suan Phut, Mueang Sawan, and Dan Narok as a reminder to avoid harmful behaviors. It is appropriate for teaching descendants and instilling fear of performing evil behaviors. Suan Phu: study the history of Buddha chamber with statues mounded into a story since birth forward; Dan Narok: the tall figure of the hungry ghost and the sculptures to express retribution to those who commit terrible things.

                People who commit wicked things will go to hell. There is also a phrase to remind oneself to remember to do great things; and Mueang Sawan with images of God from other religions and philosophies, such as the birth of Jesus Christ, Guan Yin, God of Brahmanism, or the 18 Buddhist saints, among many more deity statues. According to SaenSuk  Sutthiwararam Tample, for good fortune, you should enter hell and leave at heaven. Fish, birds, and turtles should all be fed. Make merit in accordance with your beliefs. There is a feeding pavilion in the center of the water where birds and turtles come to dine with the school of fish. Children can be taught about sharing and earning merit. Suan Phut, Mueang Sawan, and Dan Narok are all worth a visit. It is one of the top 18 oddest museums in the world, according to well-known tourist.


Interesting point

              The inside area is divided into a Buddhist Garden to study the Buddha’s history by shaping it into various stories ranging from his birth to the story of the Hell Realm, whether it is a vast and tall monster. When evildoers go to hell, the statue portrays their punishment. There is a message asking people to do good deeds, as well as the heavenly city, which will display images of gods from many religious cults, such as the birth of Jesus. It also has Guan Yin, the gods of Brahmanism, or the 18 arhats, and other god sculptures. For good fortune, the temple advises guests to walk through Hell and out of Heaven. Importantly, there will be no entrance fee for this temple. Furthermore, it can make merit, feed fish, birds, turtles, make merit according to faith, and there is a feeding pavilion in the pond. There will be birds and turtles to feed on, as well as a plethora of fish. It’s similar to teaching children how to share and make merits.

SaenSuk Sutthiwararam Tample

How to visit Saen Suk Sutthiwararam Temple

 It is simple to visit the temple because it is only about 1 kilometer away from Bangsaen Beach.

Location: Saen Suk Mueang Chon Buri Chon Buri 20000

Google Location: https://goo.gl/maps/vD3Q3iYZtveY4WMK7

Open for viewing: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Telephone No. 0-3819-3500-2

Website: http://saensukcity.go.th/

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