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Ta-Yai Beach, Koh Lan, Chonburi

Ta-Yai Beach

            Ta-Yai Beach is a small beach in the north of Koh Lan, sometimes referred to be the tiniest beach on the island. This beach is located distant from the community area, and it is surrounded by a lush green forest. It’s fairly gloomy at night, and there aren’t many navigation lights. A big parking lot serves as the entrance area, and a modern-style restaurant is offered. The beach is not very long, but it is lovely, clean, and exceptional, with scattered rocks to sit and rest on the sand. The most popular activity that tourists come to do at this beach is sunbathing, presumably because the environment is pretty tranquil, there aren’t many people, and the sun isn’t too harsh when there’s shade from the trees. It’s referred to as having fun till you lose track of time.


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