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Por Pier Tod, Thai food

       “Por Pier Tod” has been influenced by China. It was made by wrapping wheat flour in various fillings and rolling it, which Thais have adapted to their culture. The dish is divided into two parts: fresh spring rolls and fried spring rolls (Por Pier Tod), each with its own distinct flavor. The frying methods are the key to the deliciousness of the fried spring rolls. Where the oil must be hot in order to absorb oil Furthermore, the sauce enhances the flavor of the more delectable spring rolls.

Por Pier Tod, Thai food, Thailand

Por Pier Tod story

       Fresh Por Pier is cooked wheat flour that is thin and circular in shape. Then it’s wrapped in blanched bean sprouts, a variety of vegetables, pork, Chinese sausage, and salted tofu, then finished with a sweet and salty sauce. Pork piers are delicious and nutritious to consume. Por Pier Tod is a dough sheet containing veggies, vermicelli, and other elements that each chopped will add. Then fry until golden and crispy, then serve with a dipping sauce that has a sour-sweet flavor and is a bit spicy.

Por Pier Tod, Thai food, Thailand

       Por Pier, also known as spring rolls, was once considered a Chinese snack or daytime snack. Por Pier or spring rolls have also been developed into a range of menus, including a dessert recipe that is ideal for many people who enjoy a sweet taste. As a result, the Por Pier is divided into entire Roti, Crepes, and even Chinese-style pizzas that appear and taste like the Chinese people enjoy. When the recipe was published in Thailand, it was changed to better suit the tastes of Thai people.

Por Pier Tod, Thai food, Thailand

       Por Pier can be made in a variety of ways. For example, the first is “Jeng Bia,” or “Jian Ping,” which is made by mixing wheat flour and water until almost liquid, then pouring into the bottom of a pan to spread the flour until cooked, along with adding ingredients like eggs, vegetables, and meat. This type of snack is known as Chinese crepe or Chinese Waffle. Another recipe called “Luo Pia” involves mixing wheat flour with water and kneading it until it makes a soft dough, which is then kneaded with a stick to form a thin round sheet, which is then fried or grilled until crispy. It’s as wonderful whether eaten raw or cooked with other foods. The last recipe is “Bao Pin,” which is also known as Por Pier among Thais.

Por Pier Tod, Thai food, Thailand

Por Pier Tod nutrition

       Nutritional information: “Por Pier Tod” is a low-calorie food. It’s typically made with vermicelli noodles and stuffed with sliced cabbage, minced pork, and mushrooms. If the oil is not sufficiently heated while cooking, it will absorb so much of the oil that it becomes unhealthy. We always eat together, though, with fresh holy basil leaves and vitamin-rich cabbage. However, we always eat with a side dish that is high in vitamins and minerals, such as fresh holy basil leaves or fresh cabbage. Por Pier Tod or fried spring rolls contain 196 calories, 10 grams of protein, 29 grams of carbohydrates, 4.5 grams of fat, sugar, and fibers per 100 grams.


Por Pier Tod, Thai food, Thailand

Ingredients of Por Pier Tod

       Ingredients of Por Pier Tod: 150 g vermicelli, 80 g minced pork, 50 g chopped Jew’s ear mushroom, 80 g thinly sliced cabbage 30-gram shredded carrot Seasonings include soy sauce and fish sauce. Oil for stir-frying and deep-frying vegetables Wrapping spring rolls, Holy basil leaves, and cabbage, both fresh.

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