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Ton Nga Chang Waterfall

Tone Hachang Waterfall

Ton Nga Chang Waterfall, It is a well-known waterfall in the Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary in Songkhla Province. It is around 26 kilometres from Hat Yai District, which covers a wide area of 113,721 rai, and numerous districts in Songkhla Province, as well as Phatthalung Province, which finishes at the Thai-Malaysian border. Furthermore, it addresses the quantity of forests, natural resources, water resources, and wildlife. Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary was established by Royal Decree order on July 2, 1978. It is also possible that this woodland is home to rhinoceros, which is one of the exceedingly uncommon reserves.

Ton Nga Chang Waterfall Characteristics

Ton Nga Chang Waterfall is a stunning and well-known waterfall in the southern and Songkhla provinces. Ton Nga Chang Waterfall features seven tiers, the most notable of which is Ton Nga Chang on the third tier, when the cascade splits into two ivory streams. Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary has tourism services in place. Visitors can wander along paths to explore nature and view various levels of waterfalls. To observe all the tiers of waterfalls, you must walk for more than a kilometre. They have different names for each of the seven levels of waterfalls.

Tone Hachang Waterfall

1st level: “Tonbaa,” a stream and small pebbles, may be found a short distance from the parking space. However, this floor is not ideal for swimming. Since there are no puddles, it is just a moving stream.

Tone Hachang Waterfall

“Ton Plew” on the second floor. This floor is approximately 200 metres away from the first floor. This floor has the appearance of a basin. basic qualities ideal for swimming The water runs from a somewhat steep rock, about 20 metres high, where two streams merge into the basin. The majority of individuals prefer to swim on this floor. It is very easy to get to this floor.

Tone Hachang Waterfall

“Ton Nga Chang” Level 3 You must not miss this level if you visit Ton Nga Chang Waterfall. It will go through. Because the elevation is fairly steep, it takes around 15 minutes to travel from the 2nd floor to a point called Ton Nga Chang in this class. When you reach this layer, there will be a steep water flow, about 20 metres high, where two streams of water will meet in a small basin that will be blocked by large rocks. And from this vantage point, you can view the scenery below. Because the height of this floor is close to the mountains. There is a pool on this floor where you can swim.

Tone Hachang Waterfall

At an altitude of 700 meters, the 4th floor, “Ton Dam,” is located.

Floor 5, “Ton Nam Lay,” at a height of 1,050 meters.

Floor 6, “Ton Hermit Khoi Bo,” 1,300 metres above sea level.

“Tonmed Chun,” 7th floor It is located at an elevation of 1,550 meters.


How to get to the waterfall

By car, travel along Petchkasem Road beginning in Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province. Rattaphum-Hat Yai Turn left into Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary at the 13th kilometre to reach the Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary Office. Hat Yai is 26 kilometres away from the Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary Office.

Songkhla’s Ton Nga Chang Waterfall

Ton Nga Chang Wildlife Sanctuary is located in Chalung Subdistrict, Hat Yai District, Songkhla Province.

Google Maps: https://goo.gl/maps/KTx1JbGgsRiTykYeA

Viewing hours are from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Call 0-7489-4804 for more information.


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