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Sangwan Beach, Koh Lan, Chonburi

Sangwan Beach

            Sangwan Beach is located on the island of Koh Larn. It’s a small but stunning beach. Sangwan Beach is approximately 200 meters long. It’s a beach with white sand. There are many rocks at low tide. The highlight, also known as the Sangwan Beach highlight, is a wooden bridge that connects Sangwan Beach and Tawaen Beach Pier. Tourists come to this beach to take photos on the wooden bridge, which is another beautiful photo spot on Koh Larn. On the outskirts of Pattaya, you can see the stunning Bali Hai Cape. Tourists, including Europeans, Chinese, and Koreans, will be in high demand from December to April. The majority of visitors to Sangwan Beach do not like to swim. because there are numerous rocks to walk on the beach when the tide is low, you must wear shoes. We can escape the rush and bustle of Tawaen Beach to Sangwan Beach.

            The white wooden bridge with the Sangwan beach viewpoint, where many people come to take photos, has become the beach’s signature. There are a few bars and eateries on the beach. where we can relax and unwind You may consume the wind while enjoying the view of the sea. What if we’ve already arrived at Tawaen Beach? to go for a walk at the Sangwan It is seen positively and has the potential to alter the atmosphere.


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