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Sanctuary of Truth, Chonburi, Thailand

Sanctuary of Truth

            The Sanctuary of Truth, Thailand’s largest wooden castle, covers an area of 80 rai and is usually referred to by locals as “old palace” and occasionally by the building material as “wooden castle.” By focusing on the major “The Birth of the Seven and the Four Virtues of Conduct,” intellectual substance and art and culture as human heritage show the relevance of religion as a support for the world. The Sanctuary of Truth’s construction began in 1981. The castle was entirely made of wood. There is no metal or mortar in the mix. except for the concrete foundation A dowel entrance mechanism in the Thai manner is used. or, in accordance with old wisdom, place a wooden carving The castle is a tetrahedron, 100 meters high and 100 meters wide, with elaborate patterns carved into it. both inside and out It is supposed to be as magnificent as anything the god has created. The importance of Eastern religion and philosophy is conveyed by reflecting abstract thoughts to be exposed to concrete to be touched.

            Inside of The Sanctuary of Truth: it almost every corner of the castle is adorned with elaborately carved wooden sculptures, which are separated into different sections as follows:

            Father and Mother in the East Hall, reflecting on their gratitude. The west hall represents Element 4 with the supreme deity who dominates the four elements, namely Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu, while the north hall represents Element 4 with the ultimate deity who dominates the four elements, namely Brahma, Shiva, and Vishnu. Social and spiritual development imparts sculpture and etches the Taoist-Confucian beliefs, demonstrating the virtue of the Bodhisattva in Mahayana Buddhism south hall stars – sun – moon. The carved images show the sun, moon, and a floating sculpture of planet gods orbiting the sky. These stars have an impact on the environment and manner of life, causing evolution and behaviors on Earth. The Great Busabok, the release of the wooden door arch, the main door on all four sides, all signifying the entrance to the universe or the meaning of the Four Noble Truths. That is at the center of Buddhist teachings, and Mahabusabokviman is a symbol that represents the vacuum of the universe, or nirvana. It is the true truth from the beginning to the end of the world of self, like the center of the cosmos.

Address: No. 206/2, Laem Ratchawet, Ao Wong Phrachan, Naklua Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District Chonburi

Sanctuary of Truth

How to travel

How to get there: About 5 kilometers from South Pattaya, the entrance is at Soi Naklua 12, and the lane continues straight till it reaches the end. On the right, there is a massive arch of the Sanctuary of Truth.

Daily business hours are 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Adult admission is 500 baht, and children’s admission is 250 baht.

Call 0-3836-7815, 0-3836-7229, or 0-3822-5407 for further information.

www.sanctuaryoftruth.com is the website for the Sanctuary of Truth.


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