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Samae Beach, Koh Lan, Chonburi

Samae Beach

              Samae beach is a secluded beach located distant from the community zone. The beach is approximately 800 meters long and features eateries with canvas seats for sitting and dining. This beach is located in the southwest of Koh Larn and is a wonderful beach, possibly the longest on the island. The beach is made up of sand mixed in with shells and corals. Furthermore, it contains a number of restaurants, an aquarium, and at the end of the beach, there is an old wooden bridge that goes through the rocks, with a little cave at the end. It’s not over yet. The beach also boasts a floating pier in the center of the water, which is ideal for watching the sunset in the evening. This beach is arguably the greatest option on Koh Larn for a romantic dinner for your partner.


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