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Jang Lon or Grilled Thai Fish Cake

Jang Lon

          Chonburi people’s traditional cuisine namely Jang Lon. It is a savory cuisine similar to Ho Mok, with similar components. The difference is that steamed buns are packed with coconut milk and contain vegetables such as noni leaves, lettuce leaves, and basil, whereas Janglon will add grated coconut that does not need to be squeezed out of the coconut milk and will not include vegetables such as Homok, which is classified as savory food. The recipe calls for simply chili paste, which is combined with fish and grated coconut. Finally, shape all of the ingredients into round balls and grill on skewers; when done, they will have a pleasant aroma. Jang Lon easy to find in Nong Mon Market. There are numerous options to try. Janglon’s mouthwatering aroma is another feature.

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Pla khok (Stew Sea carp)

pla khok (Stew Sea carp)

           pla khok (Stew Sea carp) is unappealing but delicious. Pla khok is a family dish passed down through two generations from Shantou City, Guangdong Province, China. The word “pla khok chay” is the source of the sound degradation. According to the original, pork is also used in the menu. When it comes to Chonburi, however, using fish for the meal is more appropriate than using pork because Chonburi is adjacent to the sea, resulting in actual fish made the dish from fish. If you want to taste and experience the sight and feel of this local meal, you must visit Lim Yong Heng restaurant in Chonburi province, which is as tough to find as a fish to produce the cuisine. Because the fish meat is neither too thick nor too thin, “pla khok” is produced from sea bream.  

pla khok (Stew Sea carp)

           It can be cooked for more than two days and the fish fillet will not crumble, but will hold its shape until it melts in your mouth. The fish fillet is luscious in a stew with herbs and spices, but pineapple and papaya are essential for softening the fish on the bone. Having a menu means you won’t have to worry about getting a bone caught in your throat. The recipe should be served with hot steamed rice and some chili and garlic as a side dish to unleash additional delicious flavors of the cuisine.

           Location: “Lim Yong Heng” restaurant, Akara Niwat Road, Mueang Chonburi District, Tel. 0-3828-3395, Located near Chularat Chonlawet Hospital.

          Open daily: from 7:00 AM – 7:00 PM.


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