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Khao niao mamuang(Mango and sticky rice )

       Khao niao mamuang is a famous Thai dessert that is ranked as one of the 50 most delicious desserts in the world, and it is a very popular menu among Thai and visitors. According to a poll conducted by CNN, the world’s most well-known and respected news organization. The dish is widely available throughout Thailand. The price is determined by quantity and quality, as well as the type of restaurant, and ranges between 45 and 200 Bath.

Khao niao mamuang

Khao niao mamuang story

       The history of mango sticky rice dates back to the late Ayutthaya period and continued until King Rama 2’s reign, as mentioned in his Thai food recipe. Later, until King Rama V’s reign, it was discovered that the recipe stated that eating khao niew moon (steamed sticky rice with coconut milk) with some fruit, it could be assumed that it was sweet mango. According to all evidence, Khao niao mamuang is a dessert that has been consumed by Thais for a long time and is still popular today. Thais frequently eat sticky rice with coconut milk and serve it with sweet mango, which gives the dish a sweet and juicy flavor that is perfect for summer. For some reason, the recipe may persuade people to eat more mangoes because there are many overripe mangoes in the summer. The secret to this recipe is a perfect combination of khao niew moon (steamed sticky rice with coconut milk) and high-quality mangoes.

Khao niao mamuang

       Sticky rice is used in a recipe called “khao niew moon,” where the word “moon” means “mix coconut milk with steamed sticky rice.” It is preferable to only use the northern rice local name “Khao-niao-Kheio-ngu,” which has the distinct characteristic of having slender and long grains. Choose medium or old rice for the best quality sticky rice because new rice will give you wet rice. Aside from the best sticky rice, Khao niao mamuang must be topped with coconut milk that has been seasoned with salt and white sugar. Finally, Crispy Mung bean will be sprinkled on top and served with the best ripe mangoes with a good flavor, which must be Oak-Rong-Thong mangoes only. However, because the Oak-Rong-Thong species is becoming increasingly scarce, we can also eat it with Nam Dok Mai mango.

Khao niao mamuang

Nutrition of Khao niao mamuang

       Nutrition of Khao niao mamuang: It is a high-energy dessert that can be substituted for main meals. Furthermore, mango is a fruit with a high fiber content that aids digestion, as well as vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin E, and selenium, which helps to nourish the skin and has antioxidants. 1 dish contains 730.2 kcal of total energy, 8.5 g protein, 71.6 g carbohydrate, and 48.6 g fat.


Khao niao mamuang


       Ingredients: 4 cup sticky rice, 2 cup coconut cream, 1/4 cup sugar, 2 teaspoon salt, ripe mango; Nam Dok Mai mangoes or Oak-Rong-Thong mangoes.

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