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Laem Phrom Thep, Phuket, Thailand

Laem Phrom Thep

            Laem Phrom Thep is one of Phuket’s most stunning sunset spots. It is a reference point for Thailand’s sunset time and is located in the southern portion of Phuket Island, approximately 2 kilometres from Rawai Beach. Laem Phrom Thep has a concrete edge where you may sit and watch the sunset. Anyone interested in exploring Laem Phrom Thep can trek to the cape’s tip. There is a way that leads to the bottom. You will see emerald green water as you descend to the bottom. The waves will form magnificent white bubbles as they crash into the cliffs. Laem Phrom Thep resembles a rocky outcropping extending into the sea. Laem Phrom Thep is home to a plethora of palm trees. When guests stand at Laem Phrom Thep and look out to sea, Koh Kaew Noi – Koh Kaew Yai is in front of them. Nai Harn Beach is on the right. There are numerous yachts anchored. It is unavoidable to wait for the sunset time in Laem Phrom Thep, which is one of the most popular activities. However, you should arrive at least one hour before sundown because parking will be tough to obtain. While you’re waiting to watch the sunset, I recommend getting some grilled squid to eat. There are roughly three stalls selling Laem Phrom Thep’s famous goods, mainly egg squid.

          Laem Phrom Thep is one of Thailand’s most spectacular sunset viewpoints. It is located on Phuket Island’s southernmost cape, approximately 19 kilometres from the city. It appears to be a gradually curving cape reaching into the sea. Surrounded by interwoven sugar palm trees. Nai Harn Beach and Koh Man are visible in the swaying grass to the right. Nai Ya Beach, which is a modest beach in general, is on the left side. Tourists, whether they are passing through or staying at a beach. They gather in the early evening to watch the sunset at Laem Phrom Thep. If you visit on a good day when the sky is clear and there are few clouds, the sunset at Laem Phrom Thep will be spectacular. If you visit in the summer, you will see golden fields that have been covered up, which is quite attractive. Koh Kaew Noi, Koh Kaew Yai, and Kao Man are all visible from here. During the rainy season, the area around Laem Phrom Thep, a massive rock, will be green, and when the waves are powerful, white foam will be seen. Hit the rocks, they’re stunning.


How to Visiting Laem Phrom Thep

in  private automobile

         Visitors should use Highways 4027 and 4024 from Phuket Town, going through Rawai and Nai Ya Beach. Then continue straight for about 650 metres to the Laem Phrom Thep parking lot. To reach to the viewpoint, visitors must climb the stairs to the top of the high hill. If visitors want to observe the scenery at the point of Laem Phrom Thep, they must go for about 1 km along the path.

Taking the bus

         Take the Phuket-Rawai-Naiharn minibus route. Alternatively, you could hire a taxi to come with you.

Address: Promthep Cape, Rawai Subdistrict, Mueang Phuket District Phuket Province

Google Location: https://goo.gl/maps/wA59StLBZUudpoRs7

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