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Similan Islands, Phang Nga

       National Park of the Similan Islands Where is its location? The Park has an area of 80, 000 rai in Koh Phra Thong Subdistrict, Kuraburi District (the park headquarters is in Lam Kaen Subdistrict, Thai Mueang District). Similan is a Yawi word that means “nine” in English. The Similan Islands are a tiny group of islands. From north to south in the Andaman Sea, there are nine islands: Koh Bon, Koh Bangu, Koh Similan, Koh Payu, Koh Ha, Koh Miang, Koh Payan, Koh Payang, and Koh Huyong.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Islands of Similan, (Koh Phat)

       It is regarded as one of Thailand’s most beautiful islands, both on land and underwater. There are numerous beautiful coral reefs to dive in both shallow and deep waters. Whales, dolphins, moray eels, and coral reefs can all be found in the area. The national park Islands of Similan, it is a deep-sea reef with a wide range of coral species, including staghorn coral, bottlebrush coral, and Seriatopora histrix coral. Surin and Similan Islands are the only places where you can find these coral. Coral reefs can be found on the islands of Koh Bon, Koh Bangu, Koh Similan, Koh Pai, Koh Miang, Koh Ha, Koh Payang, Koh Payan, and Koh Huyong.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

       Other organisms that can be found on many coral reefs include sponges, soft corals, sea anemones, giant clams, squids, lobsters, and crabs. At least 54 reef fish species, including grouper, snapper, black trout, dove fish, butterfly fish, flounder fish, and others, have been surveyed and discovered. The best time to visit is from November to mid-May. Following that, the island will be closed due to the monsoon season and to allow nature to recover.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

       Koh Phat is the hub of tourism and transit to the Similan Islands, the largest of which is located here. Under the sea, there is a white sand beach with a variety of coral. It’s a diving island that can be found in both deep and shallow waters. Large rocks in the northern portion of the island resemble a boot, and next to them is a sailing stone, which is also a Similan Islands sign. It is a site with a wide range of travel activities, including beach snorkeling, hikes, nature walks, and a stunning perspective.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

       On Koh Phat, there are two beaches: the most well-known in the west and the less well-known in the east. A 2.5-kilometer hiking track runs parallel to the beach on both sides. The nature study trip spans between 1.30 and 2 hours. The National Park Protection Unit is located on the island, and it includes a visitor information center, camping areas, and food courts. The following are the main tourist attractions of Similan Island:

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Ao Kuak

       – Ao Kuak is a small island to the north of Koh Phat, directly across from the nine islands. Ao Kuak is the island’s main harbor, which twists deep into the island in the shape of a horseshoe, bordered by the point of a cape projecting into the sea. On the right side of the harbor is a hill with enormous stones, at the top of which is a peculiar rock fashioned like a sail, known as “Sailing Rock,” which serves as a distinctive emblem for tourists to recognize the Similan Islands. Fine sand, clean white water, and crystal-clear water till you can see the sandy bottom characterize Ao Kuak’s beach. The water level is clear enough for visitors to swim or dive. The beachhead on the side of the sailboat rock has various boulders and stones, as well as a little coral reef where you can practice diving.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

       A huge plain is north of the shore, but it is smaller than the four islands. The Similan Islands National Park Protection Unit is based there, and there are restaurants, bathrooms, and tourist tents available. If you are taking a one-day trip, you will stop here to rest and eat. Aside from relaxing on the beach and swimming, there is a 150-meter hike up to the viewpoint on the sail rock, from where you can see the entire panorama of Ao Kuak, including the view of the Nine Islands to the north. It is also a sunset viewpoint or a walk to watch the sunset view at the viewpoint in the evening. Another hill above the northern section of the eight islands, only 400 meters from the service center, is where the sun sets. The most picturesque of the Similan Islands, the boat rock, can be seen as the sun sets. In addition, guests can walk a 2.5-kilometer nature trail from Ao Kuak to Ao Wong Chang from the service center, which takes about 1.30-2 hours.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Ao Wong Chang

       – Ao Wong Chang is a small village on the west coast of Koh Phat. On the east coast of Koh Phat, Ao Wong Chai is the lone beachside bay. It’s a long, curved harbor with beautiful white sand beaches that run to the cape’s two ends. It is longer than Ao Kuak’s beaches. The majority of visitors lodge in Ao Kuak and stroll to Ao Wong Chang. It is possible to make a day trip out of it by bringing a picnic lunch to the beach. The typical ambiance of Ao Wong Chang is tranquil and secluded. Traveling the nature route from Ao Kuak to Ao Wong Chang, a distance of 2.5 kilometers, takes around 1.30-2 hours and passes high angle viewpoints along the way.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

       The southern tip of Koh Phat, Hin Pu Char, Koh Jet (seven), Koh hok (six), Koh Ha (five), Koh Sii (four), and Koh neung (one) can all be seen plainly.This nature route is only recommended for overnight visitors to Koh Phat because the return journey takes 4-5 hours and should be started early in the morning with a packed lunch. In the afternoon, stroll back from Ao Wong Chang and relax in the water. Tourists should ask park staff for directions if they want to visit.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Koh Sii (Koh Miang)

       A Similan tour would be incomplete without a visit to the Koh Sii (four islands) in addition to the Koh Phat (eight islands). The Similan Islands’ second largest island is Koh Sii. Because it is situated in the middle of the other islands and serves as the headquarters of the Similan National Park, this island is known as the “center of the island”

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

       There are two prominent tourist beaches on the island: Haad Na on the west side and Haad Lek on the east. Haad Na is the main entry point to Koh Sii, featuring dwellings, camping sites, a restaurant, restrooms, and an exhibition center. The majority of visitors prefer to spend the night on Koh Sii. A long-tail boat service is also available to take you to several islands. Koh Sii is also one of the primary two beaches where you may rest. A magnificent viewpoint, the Lan Kha Luang Viewpoint, is located on the east side of the island and is a rocky cliff above a little beach.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

       It offers a panoramic view of Haad Lek, Koh Ha, and Koh Hok. It’s also a good place to watch the sunrise in the morning. On the island of Koh Sii, endemic species such as crabs, chickens, and Nicobar Pigeons may be plainly observed, with the exception of a Flying fox that chirps around the island at night. There are a number of intriguing dive locations that are suited for both scuba and diving.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand


Haad Na Beach

       – Haad Na Beach is the island’s longest beach. The fine white sand on the beach attracts people, and the sea is so clear that visitors can see the sand plainly. The beach in Haad Na is often recognized as one of Thailand’s most beautiful. The beach is also shady, thanks to the presence of beach woodlands. The mountain on the north side of the beach cuts into the rocky coast, allowing you to stand in front of the beach and yet see the scenery of Koh Chet and Koh Kad. Large rocks limit the beach to the south. Haad Nui, a little beach about 20 meters long, is located next to the rock. There is a walking path from Hat Na to Haad Lek, which is behind Koh Sii, which is around 358 meters long and takes about 15-20 minutes to stroll through the ideal evergreen forest.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Haad Lek Beach

       – Haad Lek Beach is a 200-meter-long stretch of sand. Tourists go to Haad Lek and Haad Na because of the fine sand at the water’s edge, which is shallow enough for swimming. With the beach forest, the beach is shaded. Coral reefs, shallow water, and small groupings of coral reefs may be found all around the small island. The northern tip of Haad Lek, in particular, has a rocky beach and an underwater rock formation with a plethora of marine life and coral reefs. Tourists visiting Haad Lek on the island’s backside can stroll to the Lan Ka Luang viewpoint to observe the view. The distance is around 450 meters, and the travel time is approximately 30 minutes.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Viewpoint Lan Ka Luang

       – Viewpoint Lan Ka Luang It’s a viewpoint with some of Koh Sii’s most stunning views. The view from the top of the mountain is 180 degrees, akin to a cliff on a massive rock. Tourists must climb rocks by pulling ropes attached to trees at the beginning of the route, which is not particularly steep but easy to walk because the path is well-made. At the conclusion of the viewpoint, visitors must climb rocks by pulling ropes linked to trees. Lan Ka Luang’s vantage point area offers views of Koh Chet and the end of Koh Phat. The tip of Koh Sii, the Haad Lek line, and the shallow sea level in front of the beach can all be seen from the northern part of the viewpoint. Coral reefs and views of Koh Ha and Koh Hok are available to visitors. The viewpoint is named “Lan Ka Luang Viewpoint” because of the presence of Bird’s Nest Fern (Ka Luang fern in Thai).

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Sunset view point

       – Sunset view point: A road through the villas in the south has been cut up the hill to provide a sunset vantage point from the beach. The trek is around 400 meters long and takes about 30 minutes. Although the view of the Sailing Rock from the Koh Phat sunset viewpoint is not particularly impressive, there is a view of the huge, quaint, and attractive rocks from this perspective. This image shows the rising sun gradually fading into the huge sea, with nothing to obscure the view. The distance from the viewpoint sunset and the walking trail is not far. The route will climb a low hill using a rope to make it easier for tourists to pull it up. It is an easy trail to travel over the hills, and visitors can see Nui Beach and Haad Lek along the way. The path is around 20 meters long.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Divers can also go to other diving locations in the Similan Islands.

       The Similan Islands National Park’s primary dive sites Sites for snorkeling and scuba diving can be split into two categories: Snorkeling places may be found all across the island, but Ao Hin, Sailing Boat, Kwang En Bay, Hin Dok Mai, and behind Koh Miang are particularly intriguing. Koh Bon and Christmas Rocks are popular scuba diving spots. Fantasy Rock, Gwang En Bay, Lighthouse Cape, Pusar Rock, Three Stones, Flower Rock, Miang Island Head, Eel Garden, Shark Ridge, and the Great Wall of Chin.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Koh Kao

       – Koh Kao (Koh Bang Ngu) is a small island known for its diverse rock formations, particularly at the Christmas Point Rock Dive Site, an underwater rock pile. A vast, magnificent complex with coral reefs and the perfect coral will be stretched out across a large region. Ribbon eels, silver fin sharks, grouper, goby, and mantis shrimp are among the fish that live there.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Koh Huyong

       – Koh Huyong, also known as Koh Nueng, is a big island with white-sand beaches. Sea turtles regularly come up to lay eggs on the longest of the nine islands from November to February. It resembles little footprints and exhibits remnants of turtles that come up to deposit eggs on the shore.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Pusar Rock

       – Skull Island or Pusar Rock, It is the Similan Islands’ seventh island. Looks like a giant stone, yet when viewed from one angle, it appears to be a skull. The underwater conditions on this island are stunning, with a variety of depths. On many levels, the state resembles an underwater canyon with coral and deep ravines, hundreds of thousands of large and small fish circling the rocks, and occasionally dolphins.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Koh Sam

       – Koh Sam, also known as Koh Payan: The island’s overall state is rocky. Although it is a cliff with no sandy beach, it is a great scuba diving spot. This location is known as the Sharks Area or the Great Wall of China. An underwater natural stone wall with a noble appearance. This location is home to a great number of fish that used to visit the area. Underwater, there are innumerable barracuda and vivid coral reefs, as well as natural stone walls.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Koh Haa

       – Koh Haa is a small island off the coast of Thailand. However, it is a fascinating and attractive diving area with a distinct island identity: white-gray eels. who like to stick their heads out of the hole until it’s called the eel garden. Soft corals abound in this area as well. There are numerous hard corals can be found.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Koh Hok

       – Koh Hok, also known as Koh Payu, resembles a rocky island with a cliff, an east-facing beach, and a coral reef. This region is around 150-200 meters broad, with a steep cliff on the western side. There isn’t a single clear coral reef in sight. However, there are masses of boulders and coral strewn about. At a depth of 20 meters, there are some huge corals. A small peninsula is to the north, while a rocky reef lies to the south.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Koh Bon

       – Koh Bon, commonly known as Koh Talu, is an island with a thriving fish population. The centerpiece is a stone bridge made from reclaimed rocks. The sea water eroded a hole that looked like an arched river bridge. It is an island where divers can say hello to the sea’s giants, manta rays, which tourists will find easier to locate than other tourist sites.

On the Similan Islands, there are a variety of facilities.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Facilities in Koh Phat

  • The Tent

       Only tents are accessible on Koh Phat because the island lacks a villa. Visitors can either bring their own tents or use the park’s services. Horseshoe Bay Beach and Ao Wong Chang are the two camping locations. However, Ao Wong Chang is currently closed for restorations as a result of the tsunami. Only one tent site, Horseshoe Bay, is now available for use, and it is located behind the park office. The Park office provides a tent to accommodate tourists, priced at 570 baht apiece with two sets of bedding, which may accommodate two people if you bring your own tent. At 80 baht per back, it will cover the cost of a tent.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand
  • Food

       A restaurant will be available to serve tourists next to the park office from 7:00 a.m. to 8:30 p.m. Food will be served a la carte on the island, with a variety of menus to pick from. Water costs 20 baht per bottle, soft drinks cost 30 baht, and beer costs 50-60 baht. A locker rental service is also available. For the safety of travelers’ possessions as well. The generator will provide energy to the island from 6:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., with the exception of the walkway and bathrooms, which will be open all night. Ao Kuak’s bathroom is located behind the courtyard. There is a toilet and a bathroom in the tent. There are five men’s bathrooms and five women’s bathrooms.

Facilities on Koh Sii

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Accommodation for travellers who are simply visiting Koh Sii

       Baan Chom View, 20 rooms, “air-conditioned room,” can accommodate 2 people per room, service fee is 2,000 baht per night, can be booked via www.dnp.go.th or by calling the Similan Islands National Park Office at 081-0880561 or the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation at 02-5620760. Baan Huyong contains 5 “electric fan rooms,” each of which can accommodate two people and costs 1,000 baht per night. Reservations are only taken by phone at the Similan Islands National Park Office, 081-0880561.

       Baan Payang, which has ten rooms with “only electric fan” and can accommodate two people each room, costs 1,000 baht per night and may be booked online at www.dnp.go.th.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand
  • Camping area

       The camping field on Koh Miang, which is adjacent to the beach, can accommodate up to 150 people. Priced at 570 baht per house with two sets of bedding and capacity for two persons, where the park office has a tent to support guests. You will be charged 80 baht each tent if you bring your own. There are around ten common facilities and toilets, which should plenty for travelers. It’s tucked down behind the tents. Tourists who wish to stay overnight on Koh Miang should contact the hotel in advance to make a reservation via the website. www.dnp.go.th

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

       Food On Koh Miang (Koh Sii), the National Park has a welfare restaurant that is open from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Around-the-island boat cruise

       A long-tail boat is available for tours around the island from the visitor center. A shuttle service is also available from Koh Sii to neighboring islands.

Koh Sii – Koh Hok (6 kilometers), 150 baht/person service cost

Koh Sii – Koh Phat, 11.5 miles, 200 baht/person service fee

Koh Sii – Koh Kao, 13.5 miles, 300 baht per person service cost

– The service price for traveling between Koh Phat and Koh Kao is 300 baht per person.

The Similan Islands National Park can be reached at 0-7659-5045 and 0 76 595 210 (for shore), and 0-7642-2136 (for Koh Phat).

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

What is the best way to get to the Similan Islands?

– Automobile Travel

Depart Bangkok through Takua Pa for Highway No. 4 (Ranong – Phang Nga portion). There will be a three-way intersection on the right to Thap Lamu Pier from Takua Pa to Ban Lam Kaen. The Similan Islands National Park office will be on the left-hand side after around 5 kilometers, about 50 meters before Thap Lamu Pier.

– Take the bus

originating at the Southern Bus Terminal Every day, there is a bus service to Thap Lamu Pier.

Buses for service

Bus Station  Tel.02-4224443 or

Lignite Tour Co., Ltd. Tel. 02-8946151 – 6152 – 6153

Phuket Tourism Co., Ltd. Tel. 02-8946144 – 45

Phuket Central Co., Ltd. Tel. 02-8946171 – 2

-Take a plane trip

Arrive at Phuket Airport from Bangkok and then proceed to Phang Nga Province. By bus or van (there is a van from the pier, transfer service – 300 baht per person) to Thap Lamu pier, about 100 kilometers away, and then by motorboat to Similan National Park. The distance between the two points is approximately 70 kilometers. Because the boat will be leaving and returning, travel by boat must be booked at least three days in advance. The morning journey to the island departs at 8.30 a.m., while the return trip departs at 3.30 p.m.

(Some firms’ boats may stop by various islands on their way to the island.) to snorkel around 2-3 islands), but there are no park boats accessible. Only a private company boat is available.

Similan islands, Phang Nga,Thailand

Travel to Koh Sii from Thap Lamu Pier.

The distance from Thap Lamu Pier and the Similan Islands National Park on Koh Miang (Koh Si) and Koh Phat (Koh Similan) is around 70 kilometers. Throughout the season, private boats are offered on a daily basis.

Travel (15 November – 15 May), all passenger boats will leave the port at the same time, departing from Thap Lamu Pier to the island at 8:00 a.m. (on the way) and returning to Thap Lamu Pier at 3:00 p.m. (return), 1 trip each day, both the time of the trip and the time of the return. Visitors must save their boat tickets in order to show them on the way back. The voyage takes around 1.5 hours (by speedboat), however some firms will send tourists to the islands first to go diving, such as a 30-minute snorkeling session at Koh Kao.

1 hour of eating and snorkeling on Koh 8, 30 minutes of snorkeling on Koh Jed, and then transport to Koh Sii accomodation. Around 2 p.m., the boat arrives on Koh Sii after a 3 – 3.5-hour journey.

Tour company that provides travel services to the Similan Islands.

fantasticsimilan, https://www.facebook.com/Fantasticsimilan

Sea Star, http://www.seastarsite.com/

Medsai Tour, Call 076 443 276

Jack Similan Tour, Call 076 443 205 ,076 522 2052-3 , http://www.jacksimilan.com

Sabina Tourhttp://www.sabinatour.com

Love Andaman tour, http://loveandaman.com/ , Call 076.486.095-6

Barracuda Diving, Call 081-855-8066 ,081- 622-8066, http://www.barracudadive.com

Phuket Tour Holiday, http://www.phukettourholiday.com/ , Call 089-726 17 88 or 087-263 44 88

Phuket Tour, http://www.tourphuket.net

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