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Karon Beach, Phuket, Thailand

Karon beach

            Karon beach is one of popular beach. The name “Karon” is derived from the words “Ron” or “Ruen,” which refers to the large home where grandfather Ymadung used to live in the past. However, Karon Beach has recently emerged as a significant and well-known tourist attraction. Some refer to it as having a white sand beach that spans for more than 3 kilometres. “Beach sings” because there is a loud sound like music when walking on the fine sand. Currently, Karon Beach has been chosen to hold well-known tourism promotion activities in Phuket, such as the women’s volleyball world tour and the Phuket Music Festival. Karon Beach is a beach on Phuket Island’s southern coast. The second largest beach on Phuket is located between Patong Beach and Kata Beach. The beach is approximately 3 kilometres long. The beach has a very straight contour. Karon Beach is a road-separated beach; hence Karon Beach lodging is not on the beach. Tall palm palms and pine trees border Karon Beach Road. Along the beach, there are restaurants, pubs, minimarts, lodging, and motels.


How to travel

By car: Take Chaofa East Road (4021) south from Phuket Town, then turn right at the roundabout into Patak Road (4028), then left into Soi Luang Pho Chuan. Karon Beach may be found in the foreground.

By bus: Songthaews operate from Phuket Town. At the fountain roundabout, look up. The car costs 30 baht per person and runs on the Phuket, Kata, and Karon route.

Business hours: Every day

Travel time: Throughout the year

Address: Village No. 1, Ban Karon, Karon Subdistrict, Mueang District, Phuket Province

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