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Kaeng Som

Kaeng Som

          Kaeng Som has been popular in every region of Thailand for a long time because it is an old curry that Thais eat with steamed rice. It has a unique flavor that is distinctly sour. The curry’s sourness is mellow, hence the recipe name “Kaeng Som,” which means “sourness.” It is prepared with vegetables and meats that complement each other perfectly. Aside from the original Kaeng Som recipe, there are many improved recipes that are popular today, such as Kaeng Som Goong (shrimp), Kaeng Som Mixed Vegetables, and Kaeng Som Cha-Om Khai (Vegetable Omelet). The Sour Curry Paste, which is pounded various Thai herbs that add flavor Concentrates to the curry, is the star of the dish. Sour Curry Paste comes in two varieties: dry curry pastes and fresh curry paste.


Ingredients of Kaeng Som

The main ingredients of the original Sour Curry Paste are sour-tasting ingredients such as young mango, tamarind, Garcinia, and bilimbi, among others. Dry curry paste is made up of dried chilies, salt, shallots, and shrimp paste, whereas fresh curry paste is made up of fresh chilies instead of dried chilies. Kaeng Som is a popular dish in Thailand’s central, northern, and southern regions. The process of making and the taste of Kaeng Som differed depending on the region. In the north, it is known as Kaeng Som Muang, and it is made with Soap Pod and kaffir lime juice, which are considered the identity of Kaeng Som. It has a strong spicy flavor and is known as Kaeng Lueng in the south. Southern cuisine featuring hot, spicy teste made with a variety of spices and herbs. The star of the dish is turmeric, which gives the curry its yellow color. It was also flavored with lime and tamarind for a sour taste.

Kaeng Som Nutrition

Nutrition: Kaeng Som has a spicy flavor that aids digestion and expels gas from the stomach, while sour tamarind can reduce body heat, cure constipation, drive phlegm, boost immunity, and prevent colds. Vegetables contain vitamin A, which is beneficial to the eyes and aids in constipation relief. 1 serving has 124.1 calories, 5.7 grams of protein, 25 grams of carbohydrates, and 1.2 grams of fat. Ingredient: 1 tbsp Sour Curry Paste, 3-4 cups water, 5 fresh shrimp, 1 tbsp

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