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Kaeng ManSai, Kanchanaburi Food

Kaeng ManSai

           Kaeng ManSai has a main ingredient name ManSai which is variety of potato that is mainly consumed by Thai Raman descent in the Sangkhlaburi District, or by outsiders known as Man Sao. The head can be elongated or circular, and of various sizes, although the majority of the heads found are long and straight into the earth. The Mansai or Man Sao tree is a vine with leaf fins in the shape of a narrow heart and tip in the cape that grows in the jungle. Thai Raman descent in the Sangkhla Buri district enjoy to cook using Mansai in their families, such as curry, boiling, and so on. Mansai, pig bone or freshwater fish, lemongrass, basil leaves, shrimp paste, salt, MSG are the recipe’s ingredients.


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