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Nang Ram Beach (Sattahip beaches)

Nang Ram Beach

       Nang Ram Beach is located adjacent to Nang Rong Beach. Sattahip Naval Base, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province, inside Chuk Samet Pier. It is a popular tourist destination with a lovely beachfront setting. There’s a sandy beach and crystal-clear water. In addition to the gorgeous environment, the beach is open to the entire public. Nang Ram Beach also features full amenities, such as a club that serves food and drinks, particularly fresh seafood, at cheap prices. The hotel offers both air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned rooms. Nang Ram Beach stretches for roughly 200 metres along the coast. The Laem Pu Chao, at the end of the beach, is the enshrined location of the Krom Luang Chumphon Khet Udomsak Shrine. 

Nang Ram Beach

What is the origin of the name?

       In the past, this beach was not always like this. There was no name. Later, it was known as “Nang Ram Beach” because of the traditions and stories told by the inhabitants. According to them, Nang Ram Beach does not have a name. It is an uninhabited island that few people visit. People visit the seashore to go fishing. There was a loud sound of amazing music emanating from this island one day. The people then dubbed this island “Koh Nang Ram” and referred to it as such until now. The beach on the opposite side has been labelled “Nang Ram Beach.” The beach can be traveled every day, although it will be extremely crowded on holidays. Foreigners can enter the beach for the same price as Thais.


Nang Ram Beach

       When you get to Nang Ram Beach, it is the first beach that tourists encounter. The beach is approximately 500 metres long, with pine trees providing shade throughout the length of the beach. The water is crystal clean, the sand is fine, the beach gradually dips towards the sea, the water is shallow and ideal for swimming. The section of Nang Ram Beach adjacent to Nang Rong Beach includes pebbles and rubble on the beach, making it unsuitable for swimming but ideal for photography. A little rocky promontory is located at the end of Nang Ram Beach. Between Nang Ram and Nang Rong beaches is a statue of Phra Aphai Mani and the Nang Phisuea Samudr, which is one of the beach’s landmarks and from which travellers can walk across to Nang Rong beaches.

Nang Rong Beach

       When visitors walk through Nang Ram Beach, they will see “Nang Rong Beach”. Visitors can either walk or drive to the beach. Nang Rong Beach is a quiet beach with no shops, trampolines, or other amenities. It is not at all like Nang Ram Beach. The beach area appears to be natural. The broad beach area is rarely shaded by trees. The beach is approximately 700 metres long. A mountain range stretches into the water at the beach’s end. The water is clearer here than at Nang Ram Beach, but there are more rocks beneath the surface. Tourists are permitted to swim, but they must use caution due to the presence of stone cuts.

Nang Ram Beach

       Overall, Nang Rong Beach is more suited to those who value seclusion, nature, and white sand than Nang Ram Beach. Because Nang Rong Beach is a wide open expanse of sand. There is no dam line in the centre of the water, like there is at Nang Ram Beach. The sea water runs easily, there is no debris on the beach, clean water, soft waves, and you may swim.

How to travel

       Take the expressway from Bangkok to both beaches. Long arrived at Chonburi until the motorway ended. Then take Highway 36 to Pattaya, and then Sukhumvit Road from Pattaya City. Until Sattahip, this road will run parallel to Pattaya Beach. Turn right at the Sattahip Crossroads and continue along Highway No. 3 until you reach the intersection with Queen Sirikit Hospital. Turn right and continue straight until you reach the sign for the Naval Special Warfare Unit. The battle fleet is on the left; turn into it to reach Nang Ram Beach; continue straight to reach Nang Rong Beach.

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Dongtan beach, Pattaya

Dongtan beach

      Dongtan Beach is yet another lovely beach. This beach is located in Pattaya, Chonburi, between South Pattaya and Jomtien. However, it will not be the same beach as “Ao Dungtan” at Sattahip Naval Base, which many tourists have misidentified due to a very similar name. Dongtan Beach is popular and crowded with vacation homes, but tourists can enjoy peace and quiet here. If you want to avoid the crowded umbrellas and trampolines of Jomtien Beach, Dongtan Beach is the best option. Because there are fewer tourists than at Jomtien Beach, the beaches here are larger and cleaner, and the water is clearer. It makes you want to go swimming in the sea even more.

Dongtan beach

There is no beach road at Dong Tan Beach, like there is at Jomtien Beach. As a result, there are fewer people here. It’s more difficult to find a stall or a shopping cart here. That’s why sunbathing or relaxing on a trampoline beneath the shaded Malabar trees will provide you with some seclusion. However, obtaining facilities is not as difficult as you may believe. Because convenience stores, restaurants, and service businesses are just a short walk away from Jomtien Beach, you can take advantage of them.


       If you want to relax in peace while admiring the beautiful sea, This Dongtan Beach is highly recommended by us. At Dongtan Beach, you can spend your vacation in perfect harmony with a good atmosphere and rest in seclusion. If you visit Pattaya, don’t forget to go to the beach.

Dongtan Beach in Pattaya information

Location: 311-2 Thappraya, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chonburi, Thailand

Google location: https://goo.gl/maps/NWf5nkgQezF3fHYPA

Open to visitors: can be visited at any time of day.

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SaenSuk Sutthiwararam Temple, Chonburi, Thailand

SaenSuk Sutthiwararam Tample

SaenSuk Sutthiwararam Temple story

                History of SaenSuk  Sutthiwararam Tample is also known as Saen Suk. Sutthiwararam, also known as Wat Saen Suk, is a more than 30-year-old temple (2012). It was once known as the temple with monks before being renamed Wat Saen Suk. Wat Saen Suk has degraded with time because it has been open for a long period. There is no admission charge. Wat Saen Suk is a learning center that houses Buddhist beliefs, stucco sculptures, Suan Phut, Mueang Sawan, and Dan Narok as a reminder to avoid harmful behaviors. It is appropriate for teaching descendants and instilling fear of performing evil behaviors. Suan Phu: study the history of Buddha chamber with statues mounded into a story since birth forward; Dan Narok: the tall figure of the hungry ghost and the sculptures to express retribution to those who commit terrible things.

                People who commit wicked things will go to hell. There is also a phrase to remind oneself to remember to do great things; and Mueang Sawan with images of God from other religions and philosophies, such as the birth of Jesus Christ, Guan Yin, God of Brahmanism, or the 18 Buddhist saints, among many more deity statues. According to SaenSuk  Sutthiwararam Tample, for good fortune, you should enter hell and leave at heaven. Fish, birds, and turtles should all be fed. Make merit in accordance with your beliefs. There is a feeding pavilion in the center of the water where birds and turtles come to dine with the school of fish. Children can be taught about sharing and earning merit. Suan Phut, Mueang Sawan, and Dan Narok are all worth a visit. It is one of the top 18 oddest museums in the world, according to well-known tourist.


Interesting point

              The inside area is divided into a Buddhist Garden to study the Buddha’s history by shaping it into various stories ranging from his birth to the story of the Hell Realm, whether it is a vast and tall monster. When evildoers go to hell, the statue portrays their punishment. There is a message asking people to do good deeds, as well as the heavenly city, which will display images of gods from many religious cults, such as the birth of Jesus. It also has Guan Yin, the gods of Brahmanism, or the 18 arhats, and other god sculptures. For good fortune, the temple advises guests to walk through Hell and out of Heaven. Importantly, there will be no entrance fee for this temple. Furthermore, it can make merit, feed fish, birds, turtles, make merit according to faith, and there is a feeding pavilion in the pond. There will be birds and turtles to feed on, as well as a plethora of fish. It’s similar to teaching children how to share and make merits.

SaenSuk Sutthiwararam Tample

How to visit Saen Suk Sutthiwararam Temple

 It is simple to visit the temple because it is only about 1 kilometer away from Bangsaen Beach.

Location: Saen Suk Mueang Chon Buri Chon Buri 20000

Google Location: https://goo.gl/maps/vD3Q3iYZtveY4WMK7

Open for viewing: 8:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Telephone No. 0-3819-3500-2

Website: http://saensukcity.go.th/

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Sriracha Tiger Zoo, Chonburi Province, Thailand

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

            Sriracha Tiger Zoo arose from a love of cattle as well as the opportunity to go to many locations across the world to study, work, and collect data. As a result, the qualities of each location were developed and matched to the Sriracha Tiger Zoo. Sriracha Tiger Zoo began breeding tigers in 1989, with two pairs from Chiang Mai Zoo and two pairs from Suan Sampran. The tiger is the most frequent tiger in Asia, and there are less tigers in the wild today. Bengal tigers were chosen for this zoo because they have a high body size. It has a gorgeous black hue and can thrive in Thailand’s climate. Sriracha Tiger Zoo has been in operation since April 23, 1997, with the goal of developing species, serving as an eco-tourism and recreational destination, and educating tourists. Tiger Zoo with Sriracha It is a private zoo covering an area of 250 rai in Nong Kham Subdistrict, Si Racha District, Chonburi Province. The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is home to the world’s largest bred Bengal tiger population and a facility for training and displaying the abilities of animals like as tigers, crocodiles, elephants, and pigs. Camel, deer, rabbits, and other animals are also kept inside. Tourists who come to visit will be able to view many types of wildlife perform, such as watching and sitting beside tiger cubs and sucking milk from the mother pig. Tigers who can coexist with dogs There are some tiger herders from Kenya. Scorpion queens, pig races, and pig calculators will also be able to feed the animals, and visitors will be able to take close-up images with diverse creatures.


Special shows

View a range of wildlife performances, such as:

-Tiger acts such as tigers jumping over snares, tigers walking backwards, and tigers jumping over snares.

-Crocodile display It’s a thrilling and horrifying spectacle in which the actors plunge their hands or heads into the mouth of the crocodile.

-Elephant display It’s a good show. An elephant is playing basketball. Elephants sit in stools, climb ropes, and throw darts.

Location: 341 Moo 3, Nong Kham Subdistrict, Si Racha District, Chonburi Province 20230

E-mail: tigerzoobkk@hotmail.com

Google Location: https://goo.gl/maps/TfM24nLBsrpKZrhB6

Website: https://web.facebook.com/srirachatigerzoo/

Tel. 0 3829 6556-8, 0 3829 6570-2, 0 3833 9111, 0 3833 8884

Sriracha Tiger Zoo

How to go Sriracha Tiger Zoo

How to travel: Public transportation from Bangkok: Mo Chit Bus Terminal, Ekamai Bus Terminal

Step 1: Select a bus or van route.

Bangkok-Pattaya, Bangkok-Rayong, and Bangkok-Sriracha routes

Step 2: Inform Robinson Sriracha.

– When you get out of the car, walk up to four Assumption Sriracha junctions.

– At four junctions, wait for the car behind the police station.

– Sriracha-Nong Kho blue car minibus, 10-baht price.

– To go to the Sriracha Tiger Zoo, travel around 10 kilometers from here.

Step 3: Return to Bangkok

– Stand on the opposite side of the Sriracha Tiger Zoo for a minibus – Get out of the car before reaching the 4th junction of Assumption Sriracha red light.

– Cross the street in front of Robinson Sriracha to wait for a van or bus.

– Capable of selecting a car to sit in based on the upcoming route

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Thonglang Beach, Koh Lan, Chonburi

Thonglang Beach

         Thonglang Beach is a small, quiet beach. This beach is ideal for those who want to unwind in peace. Thonglang Beach’s major attraction is snorkeling. Both sides of the beach, which connects to Tawaen Beach, contain stunning shallow coral reefs. Furthermore, there is a Sea Walker underwater coral walk that is popular with tourists. There is also a glass bottom boat service available for those who want to see the corals but do not want to dive at this beach. to be able to walk down and look at the coral.


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Nual Beach, Koh Lan, Chonburi

Nual Beach

           Nual Beach is located across the coast to the south of Koh Lan and, in addition to the lovely water, there is also a meadow and flowers along the road. Which will change depending on the season, but is stunning like no other beach. The beach is notable for its greenness. that is veiled by the Malabar tree’s shade It is approximately 10 meters broad and semicircular in shape. A green mountain with rocks for you to sit and relax can be found from head to tail. This beach has a lively vibe, with trampoline beds, restaurants, and water activities like jet skis. Including banana boats that provide services and are good for swimming.


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Ta-Yai Beach, Koh Lan, Chonburi

Ta-Yai Beach

            Ta-Yai Beach is a small beach in the north of Koh Lan, sometimes referred to be the tiniest beach on the island. This beach is located distant from the community area, and it is surrounded by a lush green forest. It’s fairly gloomy at night, and there aren’t many navigation lights. A big parking lot serves as the entrance area, and a modern-style restaurant is offered. The beach is not very long, but it is lovely, clean, and exceptional, with scattered rocks to sit and rest on the sand. The most popular activity that tourists come to do at this beach is sunbathing, presumably because the environment is pretty tranquil, there aren’t many people, and the sun isn’t too harsh when there’s shade from the trees. It’s referred to as having fun till you lose track of time.


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Samae Beach, Koh Lan, Chonburi

Samae Beach

              Samae beach is a secluded beach located distant from the community zone. The beach is approximately 800 meters long and features eateries with canvas seats for sitting and dining. This beach is located in the southwest of Koh Larn and is a wonderful beach, possibly the longest on the island. The beach is made up of sand mixed in with shells and corals. Furthermore, it contains a number of restaurants, an aquarium, and at the end of the beach, there is an old wooden bridge that goes through the rocks, with a little cave at the end. It’s not over yet. The beach also boasts a floating pier in the center of the water, which is ideal for watching the sunset in the evening. This beach is arguably the greatest option on Koh Larn for a romantic dinner for your partner.


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Sangwan Beach, Koh Lan, Chonburi

Sangwan Beach

            Sangwan Beach is located on the island of Koh Larn. It’s a small but stunning beach. Sangwan Beach is approximately 200 meters long. It’s a beach with white sand. There are many rocks at low tide. The highlight, also known as the Sangwan Beach highlight, is a wooden bridge that connects Sangwan Beach and Tawaen Beach Pier. Tourists come to this beach to take photos on the wooden bridge, which is another beautiful photo spot on Koh Larn. On the outskirts of Pattaya, you can see the stunning Bali Hai Cape. Tourists, including Europeans, Chinese, and Koreans, will be in high demand from December to April. The majority of visitors to Sangwan Beach do not like to swim. because there are numerous rocks to walk on the beach when the tide is low, you must wear shoes. We can escape the rush and bustle of Tawaen Beach to Sangwan Beach.

            The white wooden bridge with the Sangwan beach viewpoint, where many people come to take photos, has become the beach’s signature. There are a few bars and eateries on the beach. where we can relax and unwind You may consume the wind while enjoying the view of the sea. What if we’ve already arrived at Tawaen Beach? to go for a walk at the Sangwan It is seen positively and has the potential to alter the atmosphere.


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