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Kanom Krok (Coconut-rice pancakes )

         Kanom Krok (Coconut-rice pancakes ), When it comes to Thai desserts that have been around for a long time, from the past to the present, only “Khanom Krok” comes to mind. It has a fragrant, sweet, and oily flavor. Khanom Krok is a Thai dessert menu that is fragrant with coconut milk and garnished with spring onions. It is possible to modify the recipe to include steamed taro, steamed corn, and various steamed potatoes. Khanom Krok is a traditional Thai dessert made on the stove with flour, sugar, and coconut milk. You have to pick it out of the pan and often put it together when eating. Khanom Khrok can be purchased easily; most of them are sold at street stalls at reasonable prices. Prices range between 15 and 40 baht, depending on the quantity and quality of raw materials available in each store. Khanom Krok is popular throughout Thailand, not just in the central region or Bangkok. Today we’ll learn more about Khanom Krok.

Kanom Krok

Khanom Krok history

         Khanom Krok is a traditional Thai dessert made with rice flour, sugar, and coconut milk that is poured into a pan. When the flour has set, it must be removed from the pan and usually brought in two pieces for joining before serving. The recipe is for a Thai dessert that has been around since the beginning of time. Myanmar, Laos, and Indonesia are also home to this species (Indonesians called Serabi). The Sukhothai heritage literature “Triphum Phra Ruang” mentions that Thai desserts became widely spread during the Ayutthaya period, which is the oldest evidence demonstrating the relationship between desserts and local people. As seen in a number of archives pertaining to the dessert market. Some archives mention “Ban Mo,” a potter’s workshop where Khanom Krok’s stove and pan are made. It demonstrates that “Khanom Krok” would be very popular, and as a result, Khanom Krok pan sold at a high rate. Because rice is the main food in Thailand. As a result, rice is used in a variety of foods and desserts. “Khanom Krok” is one of the menu items that has been altered to encourage Thai people to consume more rice.

Kanom Krok

Khanom Krok nutrition

         Nutrition: It is appropriate for breakfast because it contains carbohydrates that provide our bodies with a lot of energy and coconut milk, which is a good fat that belongs to the group of medium-chain triglycerides, which are fats that our bodies can easily excrete. It also contains fat-soluble vitamins E and A from coconut, as well as corn, taro, and spring onions.

Kanom Krok


ingredients of Khanom Krok

         Main flour ingredients: 250 g rice flour, 100 g cooked jasmine rice, 120 g lime water (cannot substitute water), 500 ml concentrated coconut milk, 250 ml coconut milk, 60 g granulated sugar, 2 teaspoons salt. Coconut milk ingredients: 500 mL concentrated coconut milk, 80 g granulated sugar, 1/2 teaspoon sea salt + 1/4 teaspoon rice flour, 1 measuring spoon and 1/2 measuring spoon. Toping ingredients: 1-2 steamed corn pods, 1 cup steamed diced taro, 1 cup chopped spring onions, vegetable oil for wiping pan sockets.

Kanom Krok

         Coconut-rice pancakes, also known as Kanom krok, are readily available from street food vendors along the path. The recipe has a good flavor that is a combination of salty and sweet from the coconut milk and sugar; additionally, the fresh vegetables can enhance the flavor. The menu is reasonably priced, ranging between 15 and 40 Bath.

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