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Khao Lam Nongmon (Sticky rice in bamboo)

khao lam nongmon

          Khao Lam Nongmon It is a well-known delicacy in Chonburi Province with a fascinating history. Nong Mon’s residents used to farm as their primary source of income. and selling Khao Lam Nongmon as a side business at the end of the season. Farmers will go up Khao Bo Yang Hill, which is not far from their village, to cut bamboo. The sticky rice is then exchanged for sugar and coconuts from other houses in order to make khao lam for sale in the hamlet. When the Sukhumvit Road (old line) was cut in 1942, tourists were urged to visit the beach. Bangsaen, a popular tourist attraction at the time. It was more convenient for tourists to stop and buy khao lam as souvenirs to take home, and as a result, Khao Lam Nong Mon became more well-known. Following that, Field Marshal Sarit Thanarat, the Prime Minister at the time, was laid to rest at Bangsaen alongside General Ne Win Burma’s leader. He directed the Khao Lam vendors at Nong Mon Market to demonstrate how to manufacture Khao Lam Nongmon until it was well-known throughout the country.

khao lam nongmon

          The burning of firewood is the secret of the sweetness of Khao Lam Nong Mon that many people have acquired from one another. This gives Khao Lam a pleasant aroma. Nowadays, instead of burning logs, a gas burner is used instead. Simultaneously, the number of persons who burnt Khao Lam for sale has decreased in the past since the production process is complex, and some ingredients, like as bamboo, are uncommon and must be ordered from Cambodia. As a result, many rice vendors in Nong Mon Market buy from the burner and then bring another one for sale rather of making their own untill present.


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