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Chinatown yaowarach

Chinatown yaowarach

Chinatown Yaowarach History

    Chinatown Yaowarach was established in 1782, at the same time as Rattanakosin city. The majority of Chinese immigrants to Yaowarach are Chaozhou. They initially settled near the first Grand Palace. Following the completion of the new Grand Palace, the government permitted Chinese residents to relocate to the Sampeng area. The Chinese community began here. Later in King Rama 5’s reign, Yaowarat Road was cut in 1892, and it has remained the main district of the Chinese community to this day. Historically, the Yaowarat district has been a commercial district for the Chinese community, and it is very popular among both Thai and Chinese residents of Bangkok. Because there is such a wide range of products available, and the majority of them are merchandise with shipping vessels from China. Every time a transport ship stops, there will be Chinese people on board who have immigrated to find job at the new land.

Chinatown yaowarach

commercial businesses in Chinatown Yaowarach

     There are a variety of commercial businesses in the Yaowarat area, including banking finance, gold shops, restaurants, children’s toys, Chinese Herbs and Herbal Medicines shops, cheongsam, lanterns and auspicious red cloth, jewelry, calendars, dry food, gold malls, various hotel accommodations, and many Chinese temples. From the evening until the night, there will be a street food restaurant on both sides of the road. Noodles, fish balls and Yen Ta Fo, pork leg rice, pork satay, fried clams, Pad Thai, Kuay Chab, goose and duck stew, shark fin and fish maw, bird’s nest, roasted red pork rice, curry and rice shop, restaurant with Thai food cooked to order, fruits shop are all famous for their deliciousness.

Chinatown yaowarach

The best way to travel

The best way traveling to Chinatown yaowarach is MRT and get off Wat Mangkon Station (BL29). Walk to Exist number 2 and notices tag “Soi Charoenkrung 16”, when leave MRT station, you will see Chinatown yaowarach.

The starting point: MRT any station


Hotel nears Chinatown yaowarach


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