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BanHunLek, Ang Thong


       BanHunLek is in the Mueang Ang Thong district of Ang Thong Province, in the Talat Kruat sub-district. It is another well-known tourist destination in the province of Ang Thong. This is a little museum that uses old engine parts to build numerous puppets based on popular films such as Marvel Studios, Alien, The Lord of the Rings, and Transformers Steel Robot.

BanHunLek,Ang Thong, Thailand

BanHunLek concept

       Which is the concept? This iron mannequin house was constructed by Mr. Pairote Thanomwong, who had the idea of repurposing waste and leftovers, such as scrap metal and old automobile parts, into artifacts, sculptures, and works of art. which turned out to be just stunning. Everything began with Mr. Pairote’s personal predilection, who began constructing iron robots out of leftovers from old motors. Later, there were interested buyers who came to contact the company to purchase the property, which progressively evolved and formed this location. In the worldwide market, this made-to-order iron figure is very popular. Out-of-order production is the term for it. Iron robots for sale were first created large and looked like robots, standing around 2-3 meters tall. More miniature robots were ordered afterwards. Until recently, puppets were made in sizes as little as 5 cm. In Thailand, the demand for iron puppets is growing. These iron mannequins can also be found standing in other places, such as the Thung Bua Chom Floating Market.

BanHunLek,Ang Thong, Thailand

The BanHunLek's Highlights

       There will be a part inside BanHunLek where various types of iron figurines, such as robots, cartoons, and animals, will be shown. If someone wishes to take it home with them, there is a little puppet available in souvenir shops. You can also observe the robot’s manufacturing process, which is constructed entirely of Thai craftsmanship. The location has a large parking lot, showing that many tourists are interested in coming to see it on a regular basis. Inside the showroom, there are a variety of iron figures that are inevitably inspired by well-known movies or cartoons, such as Transformer, The Hulk, Alien, Predator, and others, including the well-known Thai cartoon film, the Giant. This isn’t enough; the progress of the task continues to emerge. Until the production of Ganesha Buddha images, such as Luang Pho Sothon, with iron, copper, and brass, which have a lovely appearance and add significant value.

BanHunLek,Ang Thong, Thailand

       The back of the iron mannequin house, which will be the production zone of the iron mannequin that we can see inside, is a popular tourist attraction. Visitors will be able to see the robots’ creations in this area. The people behind these beautiful robots are the ones who explain visitors how to get each puppet. Visitors will respect the heart of the designer of each piece after viewing the manufacturing process because it is not easy to place each piece of scrap together to obtain such a wonderful figure. It is not forbidden to enter the factory area. Before entering, visitors must just ask permission.

BanHunLek,Ang Thong, Thailand

       This includes being extremely cautious of your own safety. Look away if you don’t want to take chances. It’s better since the workers are wearing protective gear, but we are not. Crates for storing individual parts are strewn over the plant. A nut box can be found on the other side. There are a variety of sizes to choose from. Because each puppet is usually made up of multiple bolts. The Iron Mannequin House also includes a small cafe for people who stroll until they are exhausted. Let’s take a seat and unwind. It’s known as the Coffee Council, and it offers food and drink options as well as cool air-conditioned areas for travellers to sit and relax in during the hot weather.

BanHunLek,Ang Thong, Thailand

Where can I find BanHunLek?

       With a private car, travel from Bangkok to Ang Thong Province via Highway 1 (Phaholyothin) and then Highway 32 through Bang Pa-in, Bang Pahan District, Phra Nakhon Si Ayutthaya Province. From the city center, take Thetsaban Road 1, turn left at the intersection of Ban Ro, and go to the Chairit District. The destination can be found on the right side of the road.

The cost of admission is

60 Bath for Adults

30 baths for youngsters (free for children under 90 cm)

Address: Mueang Ang Thong District, Ang Thong Province, 41/2 Moo 6 Talat Kruat Subdistrict


It is open to the public from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Tel. 08-1339-3345

Website :,

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