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Ao Dongtan (Sattahip beaches)

Dongtan Beach

            Dongtan Bay (Ao Dong Tan) is in the Royal Thai Navy’s domain. The beach got its name from the many sugar palm trees that surround it; the natives call it “Dongtan,” which means “among the sugar palm trees.” The beach itself is pretty long, and there aren’t many people there, so it’s completely serene. The disadvantage of having a lengthy beach is that the restaurant and restrooms are not evenly distributed. If you are travelling in a handy manner, you should choose an area that is close to shops and restrooms. When facing the sea, you will notice a long bridge that allows ships to dock in the middle of the bay. There is also a Navy Sailing Club where visitors can learn with the Thai navy. The instructor will be a sailor ship and will take visitors to see the Sattahip Islands, which are not far away. Aside from nature in the heart of the sea, those who enjoy relaxing in a seaside setting can hire a tent to rest by the water.

           This beach is known as an activity beach since there are numerous activities for guests to do, such as swimming, sailing, painting, painting plaster models, and massage from military housewives. As a result, it is rarely considered at other beaches. Come on in, you’re not going to be bored. Excellent point: The sugar palm trees that have been grown so densely that they have become an essential icon of Dongtan Beach are the highlight that tourists can see the most clearly. In addition, they give shade at the beach. With a length of more than 400 metres, this curved and picturesque beach is considered exceptionally private. Tourists who enjoy the serenity and quiet of the sea should not miss a visit to this beach. Which is regarded a lot of beach activities. There are also bathrooms and restaurants available. Most of the people who come to this beach are largely Thai tourists. Because getting to this beach for international tourists is difficult enough, it is not very popular with them.

Location: in the area of Royal Thai Navy, Sattahip Naval Base, Sattahip Subdistrict, Sattahip District, Chonburi Province 20180

Business hours: from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. every day.

Travel with private car: Take the Sukhumvit Road if travelling by cars. Driving straight till you reach the Sattahip Market Intersection, turn left, and continue straight for about 3-4 kilometers until you reach the entrance of the battleship fleet on the right-hand side. which must first exchange the card Then proceed by following the route specified by the signage on a regular basis.

Travel by bus: There is no bus available to go there.


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